Moganshan – 2 Day Cycling Adventure

Moganshan – 2 Day Cycling Adventure


A great 2 day escape awaits you, as CCT heads 3 hours southwest into the mountains of Zhejiang to the famously amazing Moganshan. We biking over mountains of bamboo, through emerald green tea fields and past crystal blue area that will leave you relaxed and not wanting to return to Shanghai. Quiet nights and days of adventure await!


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Day 1
Leave Shanghai early in the morning and take a 3 hour highway drive to Moganshan, arrive in the hotel. Start cycling across beautiful country side, rivers and dams, certain distance on the road. Arrive in Moganshan Village for dinner.

Day 2
After the breakfast, start biking on small trails across rice fields and bamboo forests. After a bit of breath-taking uphill cycling we arrive at a beautiful reservoir lake. Start hiking through bamboo forests and quiet villages until we reach the mountain top, we will then have a nice stroll along Yinshan street lined with restaurants and shops. After the break we have options of going down the hill on road either by bicycle or by car. Arrive in Moganshan Village for a late lunch. After that we will return to Shanghai.



Group size: Mininum 4, maximum 10
Meeting Point:
Garden Hotel
Departure Time:  9AM
Return Time: 5:30PM
Total Cycling Distance:
Easy to moderate


Trip -only price:

    RMB 1,380
at normal weekends
    RMB 1,480 during public holidays


    English-speaking tour leader
    Round-trip transportation
    1 night accommodation

    1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner

    Support vehicle

Not included
    Travel insurance
    Cost for drinks

Bicycle rental RMB 200 for the entire trip, including

Single room supplement: RMB 150


Cycling around Dui He Kou, Moganshan



1. Online booking
2. Phone booking:  +86 137 6111 5050
3. Email booking:


1. Booking is essential. Showing up without booking is not encouraged.
2. You are encouraged to buy travel insurance before joining a CCT trip.
2. In case of unfavorable weather or less than five tour participants, CCT reserves the right to cancel the trip on short notice. Please make sure you leave your phone number and email upon booking.


1. Every tour participant is required to sign a waiver before the tour.
2. Please follow the guidelines set forth by China Cycle Tours in order to ensure your safety during your involvement with the group.
3. If you are on special medication, or have a health problem in nature, please state your situation in the booking form. Privacy will be assured.
4. Do not bring illegal drugs to any China Cycle Tours activities.
5. Do not engage in extreme sports while any China Cycle Tours activities.






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