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  Why ChinaCycleTours  
  ·We are a fully licensed and registered bike tour& rental company  
·Tailor-made to your requirements;
·Tour groups of any size,form 1 person up.
·No compulsory shopping guaranteed;
·24/7 contact availability;
·Returning guest rewards
·Ride with the best-best service at competitive price.
  Guest Testimonials  

China Cycle Tours is a great company that I would be happy to use again in the future.
They provide above average bicycles for rent at good rates and will even deliver the bicycle to your hotel.
In addition, CCT offers excellent guided tours so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about navigating the busy city.
Overall, I am very happy with CCT and have already recommended them to my friends.

Jason Lichtman
Design Engineer - Helmets

Trek Bicycle Corporation

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Welcome To China Cycle Tours    

China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours.
We operate carefully chosen cycling routes both in Shanghai and Suzhou, and in the surrounding mountains and countryside. We also do customized tours if you are interested in travelling off the beaten path.

We are well travelled and love to share the passion for cycling with other people. Just show up in one of our trips and we’ll handle the rest!
Ride 100% safely  

Safety is always a priority and that`s why our bicycle tours follow bike lanes. Ride safely almost exclusively on bikes paths and less-traveled roads.

Run daily  

All tours run rain or shine, and have rain gear and gloves for you. On cold days, we provide free hot tea after the tour.

Ride with small groups  

We ride with small groups to ensure that you get a great tour and personal service. There is time to stop for photos and we love to share our recommendations about Shanghai during and after your bike tour.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee  

Our bike tours are designed to give our guests the highest quality experience. At ChinaCycleTours no deposit is required for city bike tours. That`s our guarantee to you and it`s why you pay after the tour.

Families are welcome  

Kid`s bikes,Child seats and helmets available.We design family bike tours to focuses on flexibility, so it can be tailored for your specific needs as much as possible. With routes designed for kids and longer options for you, our family bike tours offer exciting options suitable for a range of ages and fitness levels.

City Bicycle Tours  

Our gently paced city bicycle tours in Shanghai and Suzhou are a fun and healthy way for you to explore the cities. China Cycle Tours stays away from the usual tourist routes and bike along nice neighborhood, buildings with history, busy social spots and places ignored by local people but interesting to first-time visitors... Read more>>

Adventure Tours  

China Cycle Tours offers high-quality, unparalleled bicycle adventures allowing people to explore China’s urban and natural regions both nearby Shanghai and Suzhou, and in distant regions. Moganshan and Tai Lake, for instance, are great destinations for a short break bicycling and hiking adventure out of city...Read more>>

Family Tours and Bicycle Holidays  

China Cycle Tours provides flexible departures for family tours. Want to have a great time riding with your loved ones? We will take care of all details, such as the kids-friendly cycle routes, accommodation, transportation, and all logistics. You just show up and dive in...Read more>>

Cycling-Based Team Building  

China Cycle Tours offers the combination of presentation and activities to achieve the team building result. Your employees will have fun riding bicycles to achieve a set collective goal while learning to understand being part of the team...Read more>>

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