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Our expert tour planners will be your partners in putting together the perfect balance of cycling, hiking, sightseeing, dining and relaxation designed to fit your specifications.
For your any special tour plan, please inform us, we can do tailor-made trips for you’re with our pleasure.


Family Bike Tour

China Cycle Tours provides flexible departures for family tours. If you want to have a great time riding with your loved ones, China Cycle Tours will take care of all details, such as the recommended cycle routes, accommodation, transportation, and all logistics. You just show up and dive in.

We provide Kid's bikes, baby seats and tandem bikes of all size, and helmets of all size. We design family bike tours to focuses on flexibility, so it can be tailored for your specific needs as much as possible. With routes designed for kids and longer options for you, our family bike tours offer exciting options suitable for a range of ages and fitness levels.

Services provided to you include

- Cycling tour leader
- Customized cycle routes
- Support vehicle
- Gourmet food and local specialties
- Carefully picked accommodations

Recommend Family Bike Routes
Half Day: Shanghai Highlights Tour
Half Day: Shanghai Charming Night Tour
One Day: Shanghai Classic Tour
One Day: Suzhou Classic Tour
One Day: Zhujiajiao Watertown Biking Tour
One Day: Suzhou Tailake Biking Tour
2 Day Tour: Wonderful Shanghai Tour-Suzhou Old Town-Suzhou Classical Gardens
Moganshan Mountain Biking Tour
Guilin Biking&Rafting&Hiking Tour
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> Dragon Boat festival Yunnan Lijiang & Shangri-La 5 days bike trip

2014 May 31- June 4

> 2 Days Moganshan Cycling Adventure
2014 May 17-18, June 21-22

> 2 Days Tailake Cycling & Hiking Adventure
2014 April 26-27

> 1 Day Tai Lakeside Ancient Villages Biking Tour
2014  June 7

> 1 Day Zhujiajiao - Water Town Cycling Escape
2014 March 8

> 1 Day Chongming Island Cyling Tour
2014 June 14

> 1 Day Tailake East mountain Cycling Adventure
2014 June 28


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