Daily Shanghai Guided Bike Tours

Departure City: Shanghai

Half Day City Tours (3 tours)

The half day tour is the perfect way to see the city's top attractions in the shortest period of time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this tour is designed to take you directly to the most famous places in Shanghai.

SH 001 Shanghai Highlights Tour
SH 002 Old Shanghai Exploration Tour
SH 003 Shanghai Charming Night Tour

One Day City Tours (4tours)

This one day bike tour is aims to show you classic Shanghai at a leisurely pace. We will casually pedal through a number of "can't miss" sites and other sights you may miss on your own.

SH 101 Shanghai Classic Tour
SH 102 Old Shanghai Discovery & Museums Tour
SH 103 Shanghai City View - Jewish Nostalgic Tour
SH 104 Shanghai City View - Chinese Massage Tour

One Day Countryside Tours (4 Tours)

Escape to Shanghai`s suburbs with a two 鈥搘heeled assault on the ancient water town &villages, wetland and plantation. Enjoy mountain biking with the rolling hills and bamboo forests. Explore Shanghai countryside on unique and exciting ways.

SH 111 Zhujiajiao Watertown Cycling Escape
SH 112 Tailake & Ancient Villages Cycling Exploration Tour
SH 113 Qionglongshan Mountain Biking Adventure
SH 114 Chongming Island Cycling Discovery Tour

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